Japan Keratin Lash Lift Course

Pasir Ris Best-Reviewed Beauty Studio


Japan Keratin Lash Lift Course

Pasir Ris Best-Reviewed Beauty Studio

Get Accredited with Certificates

Our trainers at Jealash are among the most reputable and experienced technicians in the industry. With years of experience and a loyal client base here in Singapore, we can provide thorough knowledge and help you develop all the best practical skills. Each student will feel more confident and prepared to advance their career in the industry. After finishing the course you will receive a Jealash’s in-house accredited certificate. Many of our students move on to start their home-based business and subsequently rent a commercial lot.

Jealash Japan Keratin Lash Lift Course - 1 Day

We offer an all-inclusive, 1-day training course in one of the fastest-growing businesses in the beauty industry – Keratin Lash Lift. Jealash performs the best, most beautiful curl-up natural lashes. Lash Lifting is a new generation of lash perm that makes it possible to curl natural lashes from the root straightly upward to maximize expressing natural lash length. Most of our clients don’t realize that they have long natural lashes, and they don’t need to attach fake lashes. That is why many lash extension lovers turn into lash lift lovers. Last up to 8 weeks, save more money and time! You don’t need a lash curler and mascara every morning. You don’t need fake lashes, heck, you don’t even need adhesives! 

Our Keratin Lash Lift Training is ideal for any beauty professional looking to advance their skills and provide more services to their clientele. You will learn various ways of eyelash lifting and curls application techniques to meet and surpass your clients’ expectations. You will receive an in-depth lash manual, a basic lash lift kit, hands-on training with a live model, a certificate of training, and marketing strategies. 

Course Objectives

Our Keratin Lash Lift course is an intensive full-day training that will give the participants all the needed skills in relation to Lash Lift technology. You’ll learn multiple techniques on how to create a perfect curl placement procedure and get the needed practice on real-life models. It’s a practical course that gives practical skills and an ability to start off as a Lash Lift eyelash professional right after you’ve passed the course.

– Teach the fundamentals of *Eyelash Lifting* + Eyelash Extensions Basic theory, procedure, safety aspects
– Professional SOP and handling of customer service & feedback
– Share deep insight into the latest (Taiwanese / Korean / Hybrid / Japanese / Volume) techniques through THEORY and PRACTICAL modules
– Guidance on pricing, service, how to market & increase your client base 
– We will promote your business on our Social Media & Google Business, boosted ads as well as referring clients to your establishment, and feature you on our website. 

1 Day Intensive Training

In your Keratin Lash Lift Course, your trainer will provide 1 full day of intense, hands-on training covering everything you need to become a successful lash artist including:

– Science of lash lifting, procedure knowledge, and detailed instructions
– Client Pre-procedure preparations and contra-indications
– Eye shapes and face considerations and key tips to craft the perfect lift for your client
– Reversed and relaxing treatments as well as lower lash care
– Extensive, Hands-On training of the Keratin Lash Lift Procedure
– How To Prepare Treatment Rooms
– How to Set Up Work Station
– Safety, Sanitation, and Ergonomics
– Pre and Post Treatment Advice
– Marketing and Business Building tips 

Practice + Guidance. 

Get your Fundamentals Right!
Learn it & move on with life.

We aren't just another beauty salon.

We are the only establishment that will assist you in your business well after your course by providing you with continuous support, crucial business know-how, clients' retention, marketing, increasing social media/online presence, and website creation support. In addition, we will also promote your business on our Social Media & Google Business boosted ads as well as referring clients to your establishment and feature you on our website.

Students Reviews

I had always been interested in starting my own business but I wasn’t aware that eyelash extensions is so fun until I came across your Instagram. I immediately contacted her and began to ask questions. After gathering some info, I began my journey with jealash working towards an eyelash extension accredited certificate. I highly recommend this academy especially if you are ready to be your own boss! i love her level of patience and to teach a complete beginner like me .. thank you

JJ Tay Student

Informative, detail oriented and ever so encouraging. I knew I made the right choice to pick up lash craft with Jealash Beauty Studio. She never loses her patience and confidence in her students believing that anyone and everyone can do it. Whether you’re looking to explore the lash industry or looking to start up your own lash empire. Look no further, my mentor Judith is the person you should be looking for !

Joey Lim Student

i found jealash quite randomly but was the best decision made to attend her courses (basic+advanced, lash lift). all of which was taught by judith who was very VERY patient, detailed in explanation and i could tell that she loves what she’s doing 🙂 she makes the whole session very comfortable for everyone too (students and models). highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested!

Sim Lay Yun Student

Thank you for being so patient during the classes. The tutorial was very detailed and comprehensive which it exceeds far beyond my expectation and thanks for giving the extra effort by teaching more than what was supposed to be. thank you.

Nikki Fu Student

Attended Jealash eyelash extension course. Juju was friendly and patient during the course. She has provided detail explanation in tools and equipment usage, lashes growth cycle, cleaning process, on site demo and also tricks/tips based on her personal experience. 2 days intensive course thus exhausted but enjoyable.

Maggie MeiQi Student

Just took the Basic and Volume course in for 5 days. Juju is a fantastic tutor, took us through many aspects of this service. I met and interacted with some nice models and other students as well, I only wish it were a little longer. Will be back in a couple of weeks for another course and I am looking forward to it already...

kat Chan Student

i like how professional it is. They responded fast and told me everything i wanted to know right away. very helpful. and their website has everything you need. Jealash beauty studio is professional but still fun and comfortable the class was very detailed and. I told all my friends that are into beauty about this. I took both basic and advance course last week and man they are detail in your course book, they didn't just teach how to be a lash technician but also gave me the tools and knowledge to be a lash boss and start and run my own business. I would recommend them to anyone that's keen!

Rachel Kuok Student

Absolutely love this place! Friend at work recommended, I've been using them for over a year now and can't believe I delayed their review until now, so sorry... Owner is super knowledgeable and down to earth. She had me addicted to getting my lashes filled. After numerous delays and procrastination, I finally decided to see whether I'm suited to be a lash tech. My basic course with Jealash was over a month ago just before CNY and it was an inspiring experience. Never had I thought I'll be able to master the craft yet ...

Judy Cho Student

    Our Reviews

    Define BOB Client

    First time getting Eyelash extensions and I love the results! They were very patient with me since I get restless sitting still for a long period of time, and are very understanding when I need to take a break at anytime during the process. The eyelashes look very nice on me it was overall a very wonderful experience.

    Ong เพลงชอบ Model

    Amazing! Honestly, I was worried about what lash lift would be like, and when I saw that I could have the opportunity to sign up as a model to try it for free, I immediately hopped on. Juju was so sweet while conversing with me, and she even let me invite a friend (who did not sign up) along, major plus point because I would've been mortified of going alone. The service was amazing, she must've trained her stydents extremely well because they did an amazing job, in fact under her guidance, it was so comfortable and Juju's voice was so calming, I fell asleep for most of it :') And I woke up with the prettiest lashes I've ever seen. Definitely recommended!! To be a model there's a deposit of $30 as well, and I was returned the deposit on the same day. Very trustworthy and this place deserved 10 stars out of 5! Would definitely return to pay for extensions;)

    Xania Model

    It was a great opportunity to be Jealash lash model! The trainee and trainer were very friendly and i really enjoyed their service. The lashes are amazing, it feels very natural. I would love to be their lash model again if given the opportunity. Thank you Jealash once again for the amazing service.☺️

    Denise Ang Client

    Ju’s service and skill is exceptional! Her home-based salon is located conveniently near the MRT station (about 5 min away). Prices are really affordable and her usual clientele are air stewardesses, so you can be assured about the quality and service. ?? I have multiple allergies and was initially worried about the lash lift triggering my usual eye allergy (I get swelling around my eyes when I use new products). I gave Ju a heads-up and she was extremely gentle and careful during the process. To my amazement, I did not have any discomfort or any eye sensitivity throughout the 1-2h sessions. My lash lift has also lasted pretty long, despite not using any aftercare products. I will definitely visit Jealash for all my lashes needs from now :):)

    Alyssa Nishaa Model

    The whole process of becoming a lash model was done pretty quickly, after a few hours or a day of submitting my entry, I was added to the group. I was impressed by how quick they were which makes me believe that when I book an appointment with them, it will be quick and easy! Their cleanliness is amazing as well, they take it very seriously. The service was great too! I was quite nervous because I had never done a lash lift before, I did not know what to expect but they were patient with me and made sure I was comfortable. My lash lift turned out pretty amazing, I was in awe of how pretty it was!! After a few days, my lash settled pretty well, they're lifted exactly how I wanted them to be. I loved that I got my lash lift done with them, I am genuinely happy with their services.

    Samantha Lee Client

    I was quite wary of home beauty parlours at first, but reading Jealash’s reviews made me decide to give them a try and I was VERY impressed by the professional and friendly service I received! The lash lift treatment was pain-free and very relaxing (I fell asleep!) and the results really showed :)) Would 100% recommend.

    Lis Beth Client

    Did lash extensions at Jealash and the service was impeccable! Juju herself was very approachable and she ensured that her clients are always feeling their best throughout the entire process. Also, the results were remarkable! Recommended! 🙂

    Victoria Tan Client

    I had my eyelash extension done here and the student was really good and detailed. Result was very natural looking just like what I wanted. Definitely recommended!

    Hana Nguyen Client

    Jealash studio caught my attention when I was first starting up in the beauty industry, as they provided courses for Classic and Russian volume which I was very interested in. Currently Juju has trained me in 2 courses; classics, and Russian volume. Both of the courses were provided with so much useful information about running a business that it has helped me with my dream of working in a salon. I never would of thought how empowering you feel owning your own business. I’m so grateful for Juju, I call her my “sister” because she really is one of the best mentors within the beauty industry. With ongoing support and mentoring who wouldn’t want to train with Jealash studio?

    Sharah Sharz Model

    Modelled for their eyelash extensions and everything went smoothly! Everyone was very professional and friendly. The owner was kind enough to offer me a drink and asked if I needed anything. Highly recommend, good services provided and very welcoming!❤️

      What Is Included In My Course Price?

      Current Promo Price

      • All tools needed for your training will be provided. You don’t have to bring anything. Kindly note that the training kit provided will be sufficient for you to take up to 20 clients. Please come with an open mind and a positive vibe as this will be the very start of your career/side hustle!
      • Exclusive discounts on all our products when you do a course with us!
      • Continuous support after your course (via social media and online)
      • Practice on live models (you must provide a model, we can provide, however, there needs to be a minimum 3-week prior notice)
      • No Hidden Fees

      Terms & Conditions

      All Jealash Signature Courses come with your very own in-house certificates.
      Deposit of 30% upon confirmation. A balance of 70% can be paid on the day of the course (PayNow)

      Cancellation Policy

      14 days or more from date of course:
        – Changes – allowed to change once
        – Cancellation – refund of deposit allowed; but subject to a cancellation fee of SGD100
      7-14 days from date of course:
        – Changes – allowed but subject to SGD100 administrative charge 
        – Cancellation – No cancellation allowed, forfeit of deposit
      Within 7 days from date of course:
        – Changes – allowed but subject to SGD200 administrative charge 
        – Cancellation – No cancellation allowed, forfeit of deposit
      ** No Cancellation or Postpone is allowed on the day of course

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